David S. Anderson

Profile Updated: June 15, 2011
Current Hometown? Eagle Mountain, UT
Name of spouse/partner? Mandy Clark
What do you do? Wood repair guy
Any kids? Names/ages? 4 Kids; Raymond, born 2003; Walter, born 2005; Sally, born 2008; Ida, born 2011
What do you do in your spare time?

Family stuff, gardening, sleeping, reading and the Ninja Kung Fu arts.

We may be the same age, but how old do you feel?


What was your favorite year at Highland?


Who was your favorite HS teacher? least favorite?

My counselor Dean...? was the best

In HS, what eatery did you frequent the most during lunch?

Millies burgers but not necessarily at lunch time.

Did you have any nicknames in HS?

Jeff Poulter called me Maddog once and I've tried to keep it.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I have installed the cabinets, fixtures and equipment for approximately 125 Starbucks coffee shops.

What would you do differently if you went back to HS days?

Play sports

What's your unrealized dream?

To live with wild animals at high altitude.

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