Donations & Gifts

Why should I donate to the Highland Rams 1991 Reunion Fund?

Your generous donation is used in many ways. Your gift of $5, $25 or even $100 can go a long way.  Here are just a few of the ways your contribution is useful:

  • Website hosting
  • Alumni Finding
  • Reunion planning
  • Event hosting


Benefits to You

  • Free Website - Keeping the website free means more classmates can connect.  Networking with alums is not only fun, but can also build your business or help in a job search. 
  • More Connections - The "cost" to find 1 alum is about $0.75 (postcard + postage).  The more people we have on the site, the easier it is to find our Missing Classmates.
  • Lower ticket prices - While ticket prices generally cover the cost of an event, donations can offset decor, printing, photography, AV, entertainment and sponsored tickets, which helps to lower the overall ticket price for everyone.           
  • Alumni Business Directory (Coming Soon) - What's the free publicity worth to your business? Make a donation equal to your monthly advertising budget.                      
  • Pictures - Find a picture you love?  These free reunion pictures are available for download and sharing.  Couldn't make the reunion? You can still "see" the great events here. Consider a donation equal to your family portrait fee.

Thank You Gifts

For all those who make donations, please enjoy a Thank You gift -- some Highland Memorabilia! We've got picture frames and DVDs to share.   Please email your order to after making your PayPal donation.  Please allow at least 1 week for processing and shipping.

Reunion Picture Frame - $5 Suggested Donation

A 4x6 horizontal, acrylic frame, L-bottom with lettering across the bottom.  The perfect place to display your favorite reunion pictures






1990-91 Video Yearbook DVD - $10 Suggested Donation

Want a copy of the Senior Year Video Yearbook?  Includes clips from Assemblies, Concerts, School Plays, Sports, Clubs, Spirit Week, HDTV and clips of all Seniors sitting in English class!

Run time: 54 minutes

Please specify if you'd like a normal-sized DVD case or a sleeve.

Other School Videos on DVD - $10 Suggested Donation

 We've got DVD copies of the following school activities and events. Preserve your favorite high school memories to share with your kids.  

Please specify which DVD(s) you'd like to order in your email to   Donations can be made via PayPalThanks!


DVD Catalog 

DVD # Date Year Title
1 9/11/1987 Freshman Hello Day Assembly
2 9/25/1987 Freshman Election Assembly
3 12/17/1987 Freshman Christmas Assembly
4 2/10/1988 Freshman HAW Assembly
5 3/26/1988 Freshman Dance Concert
6 87-88 Freshman Year In Review
7 3/3/1989 Sophomore Freshman/Sophomore Assembly
8 4/1/1989 Sophomore Dance Concert "Images on Air"
9 4/1/1989 Sophomore Channel 4 Penny Drive United with Pride Story
10 4/21/1989 Sophomore Election Assembly
11 5/5/1989 Sophomore Cheerleader Assembly
12 88-89 Sophomore Year In Review "United With Pride"
13 88-89 Sophomore Year In Review
14 9/8/1989 Junior Aloha Assembly
15 9/22/1989 Junior Homecoming Assembly
16 2/9/1990 Junior HAM/HAW Assembly
17 3/8/1990 Junior Celebration of the Arts
18 3/21/1990 Junior Jazz Band Concert
19 4/6/1990 Junior Junior Assembly
20 89-90 Junior Year In Review
21 89-90 Junior Pep Club Marches
22 6/13/1905 Senior Senior Assembly
23 9/6/1990 Senior Hello Day Assembly
24 11/10/1990 Senior Oliver, School Musical
25 11/19/1990 Senior Football Assembly
26 11/30/1990 Senior Cultural Assembly
27 12/19/1990 Senior Christmas Concert
28 1/15/1991 Senior Channel 2 Freak East Story
29 2/7/1991 Senior The Mousetrap, School Play
30 2/8/1991 Senior HAM/HAW Assembly
31 2/22/1991 Senior Battle of the Classes
32 3/1/1991 Senior State Basketball Pep Rally
33 3/5/1991 Senior Jazz Band Concert
34 3/7/1991 Senior State Championship Basketball
35 3/16/1991 Senior Dance Concert
36 3/22/1991 Senior The Odd Couple, Spring Play
37 6/1/1991 Senior 1990-91 Video Yearbook
38 90-91 Senior News Shots: Homecoming Pep Rally, Tablesettings, Hicks & Sheffield College Signing, Childrens Books by Students
39 90-91 Senior Year in Review
40 90-91 Senior Dance Club
41 90-91 Senior Basketball Highlights
42 1/15/1999 After Remodeling of Highland 1994-97


Note: While we are organized as a non profit corporation in Utah, you donations are not tax-deductible as we do not claim tax-exempt status. Financial Information available upon request.