Thank You

THANK YOU to all these companies and people for making the 20-Year Reunion a success!  Thank YOU for coming and making it fun!

Reunion Committee

Joseph Sheffield, Joe Numbers & Amy Bergstedt Brinkerhoff, Senior Class Officers

Amy Allen Johnson & Lauren Jacobsen, Co-chairs

Tyler Christenson, Treasurer

Jen Larsen Parrish, Alumni Search Chair

Alumni Search Committee

Amy Allen Johnson, Amy Bergstedt Brinkerhoff, Ben Haslam, Brad Giles, Brandon Davidson, Carolyn Larsen, Charissa Motes Anne, Charlie Numbers, David Anderson, Jennifer Wright Langton, Joe Numbers, John Taylor, Lauren Graham Jacobsen, Levurne Mahler Blasongame, Libby Romney Peterson, Lori Perrier Zaremba, Mark Lund, Michael Gallegos, Mike Flitton, Roland Denny, Stephanie Stoker Hall, Steve Parrish

Jennifer Wright Langton, Event Planning & Saturday Picnic Activities

Chris Nelson & Jeramy Evans, Emcees

Joann Wong,  Photographer

Sam Spendlove, AV Equipment donation

James Kilpatrick, Saturday Night DJ

Stephanie Stoker Hall, In Memory Page & Table

Michael Gallegos, Reunion Yearbook Donations

Ben Haslam, Yearbook Photos & In Memory Photos

Memorabilia Sharing

Alisa Bentley Broadbent, Anna McCormick Bullock, Carolyn Larsen, Hank Jenkins, Libby Romney Peterson

Set Up

Brian (Beth Dahl's son), Dave Caine, James Barron, Jennfer Wright Langton, Michael Gallegos, Stephanie Stoker Hall, Tosh & Amy Bergstedt Brinkerhoff, Tyler Christenson & everyone else!

Clean Up

All the spontaneous people, Brandon Davidson, Kevin Kuponic & Family, Michael Gallegos,
Jennifer Wright Langton & Family


Amy Beuhner, Class of '90, Friday Night Registration

Natalie Harris Clawson, Class of '92, Saturday Dinner Registration

Taylor Scalley, Class of '92, Saturday Dinner Registration

Barbara Roberts, Grand America Event Coordinator


If we've forgotten someone, please email and we'll add you to the list!