We love and miss each other don't we?  Let's catch up a bit.  Please answer these 30 questions to the best of your ability.  Answers will be used to update each other during our 30 Year Reunion Program (to see if Rick Plumhof became a professional bowler or if someone else in the class realized that dream). 

So whether you are there or not - PLEASE COME! -  we still want to know what became of you.  Don't include any info that you don't want me or anyone else to know (like your lowest bowling score, or SS#)

There will be a slide show/video.  Please send a current photo or short video clip of you and/or your family.  Whether you plan to come to the reunion or not, we want your answers, and a picture/video.  BUT YOU'RE COMING, RIGHT?!  August 7, 2021!

Answer the questions on this site.  Answers will not be made public.... until August.   Bookmark this webpage so you can refer to it and get pumped for the reunion. Copy/paste/forward the link to this survey and site to every HHS '91 alum you are connected with.  We need you to widen the net to find all our peeps.   Feel free to include old nostalgic/dance photos to this site as well.

PHOTOS/VIDEOS SHOULD BE SENT TO ME.  erinmerkleyhughes@gmail.com or UPLOAD TO THIS SITE.

I will be taking submissions until July 25.  Plenty of time.  But the sooner the better!

I can't wait to hear from you and see you again!

Love ya, K, Bye

Erin Merkley Hughes


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1)   Where do you live?

2)   Did you marry a classmate? If so, who? How long have you been married or with your significant other?

3)   Do you have kids? If so, how many? How old is your oldest? Your youngest? Do you have grandkids?

4)   What types of animals/pets are part of your family?

5)   What are your hobbies?

6)   Did you play college sports? Which sport? Where? Did you play a sport professionally?

7)   Have you had a career in TV/Film/Theater

8)   Briefly describe your 15 min.(or more) of fame. Or as close as you've ever come to it.

9)   What do you do for a living or with your time?

10)   Have you retired (already)?!

11)   What is your highest bowling score?

12)   Have you ever been a bartender?

13)   Have you ever worked for USPS, UPS, or FedEx?

14)   Did you join the seminary, convent, monastery or church leadership as a lifestyle?

15)   Have you played in a band? Which instrument/vocal? Name of the band? Did you produce an album?

16)   Have you served in the military? Details please...

17)   Do you have children that go to Highland High school?

18)   Have you had Covid (yet)? Are you ok?

19)   Were you ever present to witness a Tony Wilde mooning event?

20)   Have you served in politics/government?

21)   Any noteworthy awards, honors, accomplishments or sources of pride and happiness to brag about? Don't be shy, we are proud of you!

22)   Have you been published? Tell us about it?

23)   What would you do differently?

24)   What would you like to Re-live?

25)   What do you think you got right the first time and you wouldn't change?

26)   Did you ever do any modeling for Vogue? or maybe a flyer for pest control summer sales?

27)   Of the folks in our graduating class, who has turned out to be so different that they surprised you? Who seems to be exactly the same?

28)   Name one way in which you are now extremely different from your high school self. One way in which you are very much still the same.

29)   Who cut down the tree in the parking lot? What pranks, senior or otherwise, are you willing to tell us about?

30)   What else would you like us to know? A story, a brag, something wild or interesting. Or even a tragedy or trial you have lived through that you are willing to share.