Website Goals Survey


Here's a quick survey to find out what you would like to see on this website.  Please take a minute and answer the short survey. Thanks!

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1)   How often do you visit this website?

  Once a Month
  Once Every 3-6 Months
  Once Every 7-12 Months
  Less than Annually
2)   What features of the site do you like the most?

  Classmate Pictures
  Classmate Profiles
  Reunion Pictures
  In Memory
  Classmate Contact Info
  Forums/Discussion Boards

Check all that apply
3)   If we were to add new features, what features do you think you would use?

  Classmate-Related Business Listings
  Classmate Spotlights
  Reunion Planning Info

Check all that apply
4)   How interested are you in the following

  Receiving Monthly Newsletter
  Providing Personal Updates to be Spotlighted
  Networking for Business (Business Svcs, Lead Generation, etc.)
  Networking for Pleasure (Building Friendships)

Please check all that apply
5)   How else would you use this website?

6)   Any other feedback? (About the website or reunion planning)